YouTube’s paid subscription, initially called “Red” and now “Premium”, isn’t really talked about much for its features, and less so for its original programming. But it has produced one amazing show in Cobra Kai.

You may have heard of this show when it was announced some years ago and wrote it off as a joke. The premise of the show is simple – the main cast of the Karate Kid movies return in the present day to continue the story of the films. It reeks of reboot culture cynicism and an easy way to cash in on nostalgia for YouTube.

And while that may have been the case, it’s not, because Cobra Kai is a damn joy to watch. We won’t dig too deep into why because we’re going to recommend that you watch it now, which is now free, but we’ll just say that it perfectly wrangles the premise and combines it with some great writing that serves up interesting characters and a lot of fun.

If you’ve been waiting to take the plunge on the series, now you no longer have to. As was reported when the show was renewed for a third season, the first season of the show will now be free to watch (with ads) on YouTube starting today.

If you’re reading this story early the rest of the season may not have unlocked, but episodes one and two of the first season are available to watch right now regardless, as they have been since the show launched. You’ll find episode one below, and YouTube should direct you the rest of the way from there.

We really do think you’ll be hooked after those two episodes, but we have to provide a warning after that because the rest of the show might not be available to you depending on where you live.

You can see if your country is included by looking at the playlist and seeing if the episode titles are preceded by “[Video blocked in country]”. If this happens to you, you will need to fire up a VPN to watch.

Aside from that it’s worth noting that season one will not remain free to watch forever. it will be available from today, 29th August, until 11th September. After 11th September season two will become available for free with one new episode going up per week.

Season three is scheduled to come out some time in 2020, and we’re hoping that the older seasons going free are some indication that we’ll be getting some news – or at least a trailer – about that soon.

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