A few weeks ago we wrote about Minecraft Earth, and a closed beta for the augmented reality game that was launching in July on iOS. That day has come and gone, but now it is the turn for Android to get a closed beta, with it launching in five cities across the globe.

To save you some disappointment, no South African cities are listed, with developers Mojang opting for Seattle, London, Tokyo, Stockholm, and Mexico City, according to a tweet shared earlier today.

Access to the closed beta is invite-only should you live in one of the five aforementioned cities, with Mojang also noting a few elements of the game that Android and iOS users will want to take note of.

More specifically Minecraft Earth’s in-game currency, Rubies, will be available for Android users to begin collecting before their iOS counterparts. As such the Rubies that Android players earn during this closed beta will be stored in their Xbox Live account and available once the fully fledged version of the game launches.

With a specific release date for the game yet to be announced, it remains to be seen whether a larger beta is on the cards, and if Mojang plans to make Minecraft Earth available in more cities. As there are only four months to go until the title needs to launch, the window for testing and refining is getting smaller and smaller.

What is of more interest to us, is the fanfare that will accompany the game’s global release. An augmented reality title like Pokémon GO garnered plenty of users in its first year of release, but interest in the title has died down since then.

Will Minecraft Earth have greater longevity?