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NASA tasks school students with naming the next Mars rover

One would think that asking the internet to name something would have lived and ended with Boaty McBoatface but no, here we are in 2019 and a company is asking the internet to name something.

This time around the company is NASA and the something is the next Mars rover.

Scheduled to land on the red planet in February 2021, the rover currently lacks a name, so NASA is asking school students to come up with a name. We’re guessing the choice to make this contest exclusive to school students was inspired by events like Boaty McBoatface.

Sadly, the contest is only open to school students in the US.

Not only will students have to submit a name but an essay no longer than 150 words in length explaining why the name was chosen.

Names cannot be of a trademark or brand, the name can’t be a repeat of one used for a previous mission and the name itself cannot be longer than 50 characters.

There will only be one winner and that winner will receive a family trip to the Mars 2020 Rover launch.

While we are a bit disappointed that NASA has extended the offer to everybody around the world we do understand why the scope of the competition was limited.

The internet has a habit of manipulating polls in order to pull a prank. For a brief summation of these habit we highly recommend the video below from YouTuber, Internet Historian discussing how folks manage to bend polls, contests and more to their will.

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