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New student plans introduced for YouTube Music Premium & YouTube Premium

If you’re a local university student who enjoys YouTube, but are less keen on the ads, there are new student plans for the ad-free versions of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

The new student plans were introduced locally today, with the online platform confirming that accredited university students can get YouTube Music Premium at R29.99 and YouTube Premium at R41.99.

It’s also worth noting that if you want to sign up for these student plans, there are a few more criteria you need to adhere to, apart from simply being registered at an accredited local tertiary institution.

The full additional requirements are found here, but some of them include getting approval from a student deal-focused platform called SheerID, as well as only having access to up to four years worth of student eligibility. Added to this is the requirement re-verify each year.

There is a decent amount of admin involved, but anyone who has studied knows that life is lived to stretch your rands as far as they can, so any discounts are always welcome. If you are indeed a veracious watcher or listener of content on YouTube, these student deals may be worthwhile.

It’s also available to trial for free for one-month, but it’s always a good idea to consider the data costs involved, so enquire what kinds of free WiFi your university campus has set up.

The new student plans are currently rolling out to Android and desktop versions of both services, but no word on this stage about those with iOS devices.

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