Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (and 10+) contract pricing at Cell C, Vodacom, MTN and Telkom

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The newest member of the storied Samsung Note range is available in South Africa today and while you can purchase the handset for cash outright, it is rather pricey.

As such, we suspect many Samsung fans will be looking to purchase the handset as part of a contract and thankfully South Africa’s four major network operators have come to the party.

With that having been said, pricing starts at R699 for the most affordable contract so if you really want your hands on the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+, it will come at a price.

For your money however, you get your hands on what Sammy is calling its most powerful smartphone yet.

The Note range now comes into two flavours, a large 6.3inch and the tablet-esque 6.8inch.

Both handsets sport Samsung’s Infinity-O display with a tiny front facing camera peaking out of a hole in the top-centre of the display. Inside the Note 10 features Samsung latest 7nm process, 12GB of RAM and up to 1TB in storage in the Galaxy 10+ with the help of a microSD card.

Samsung claims the Note 10+ series will offer a full day of power on just a 30 minute charge thanks to its sizeable 4 300mAh battery.

You can find all the contracts available at South African mobile networks below. Be sure to shop around and find the contract that best suits your needs. You will be locked into the contract for 24 months so its best to do your research.


Handset Contract Price per month (24 months)
Galaxy Note 10 Uchoose Flexi 230 R669
Galaxy Note 10 Smart Data 1GB R899
Galaxy Note 10 Red Classic R1799
Galaxy Note 10+ Smart Data 2GB R1099
Galaxy Note 10+ Red Select R1599
Galaxy Note 10+ Red Premium R2199
Galaxy Note 10+ Red VIP R2499


Cell C

Handset Contract Price per month (24 months)
Galaxy Note 10 MediaPlay 1.5GB TopUp R799
Galaxy Note 10 MediaPlay 10GB R999
Galaxy Note 10+ MediaPlay 1.5GB TopUp R899
Galaxy Note 10+ MediaPlay 10GB R1599



Handset Contract Price per month (24 months)
Galaxy Note 10 FreeMe 2GB R949
Galaxy Note 10 FreeMe 5GB R1099
Galaxy Note 10 FreeMe 10GB R1199
Galaxy Note 10 FreeMe 20GB R1499
Galaxy Note 10 FreeMe Unlimited R1899
Galaxy Note 10+ FreeMe 2GB R1049
Galaxy Note 10+ FreeMe 5GB R1199
Galaxy Note 10+ FreeMe 10GB R1299
Galaxy Note 10+ FreeMe 20GB R1599
Galaxy Note 10+ FreeMe Unlimited R1999



Handset Contract Price per month (24 months)
Galaxy Note 10 Made For Me Small R999
Galaxy Note 10 Made For Me Large R1249
Galaxy Note 10 My MTN Sky R1799
Galaxy Note 10+ Made For Me Small R1099
Galaxy Note 10+ Made For Me Large R1349


Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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