There’s a new professional level DSLR camera in the works that photographers may be interested in knowing about, as the new Nikon D6 has been announced by the Japanese company.

The new offering has not been unveiled in full, with Nikon yet to reveal the entire specifications and capabilities of the DSLR. Instead this is serving as a bit of a teaser that the Nikon D6 is in development, with a fully fledged announcement to follow.

With information about the camera hard to come by at the moment, the firm did offer some respite with the firm also developing a telephoto zoom lens for the Nikon D6 in the form of theĀ AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR.

“The new AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR that is also being developed will provide professional photographers in fields such as sports photography with even greater support,” Nikon explained in a press statement.

“Nikon is striving to expand possibilities for imaging expression and leading the way in imaging culture with both digital SLR and mirrorless camera systems, and a rich lineup of lenses,” the firm added.

As for the D6, Nikon notes that the 2019 edition of the camera will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

“Nikon’s flagship single-digit D-series cameras have continued to evolve with some of the industry’s most advanced technologies and imaging know-how cultivated over Nikon’s long history in camera development, and responded to the strict demands of professional photographers with the ultimate in performance, even in the most severe conditions. With the D6, Nikon is currently developing its most advanced digital SLR to date,” the manufacturer continues.

With Nikon one of the leaders in the pro DSLR field, to say that the new D6 is its most advanced to date certainly ups the level of expectation. As such it should be interesting to see what kind of specifications the camera will be sporting when it’s revealed in full.

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