Despite its rocky launch Sea of Thieves continues to have a dedicated community, some of which are makers who use the game as inspiration for 3D printing and other projects.

One of these makers is Garrett Williams whose name may be familiar to you if you’re involved in said community. In July we did a roundup feature of his impressive Bounty Skulls, all six of which had been 3D printed complete with integrated lighting for an ominous glow.

Now Williams is back and he’s moved from skulls to chests and has another collection of prints for us to look at today.

This round of projects is different to last time as he has partnered up with the Etsy store NerdPropellant to sell the chests as finished pieces.

While we’re makers at heart and always want to do things ourselves (as is the spirit with 3D printing) we get a lot of people asking about our 3D Print of the Day series when they don’t have access to a printer.

Selling finished pieces like this is beneficial for them, as well as everyone else with the capacity to make their own props, but just don’t have the time but still want something special for the desk or shelf.

As such Williams created the models you see on this page, with NerdPropellant store owner Tavish Hill providing the paint jobs.

Each of the miniature chests takes between 10 and 16 hours to design before it’s ready for printing, with that part of the process adding another 8 to 10 hours to each one. Painting varies the greatest, taking just three hours in some cases, and up to eight at most.

If you’d like to buy any of these chests, or other Sea of Thieves prints, they are all listed on the NerdPropellant store.

We’ve provided a small gallery of the chests that are currently available below, but you can always request that an out of print chest be created as each one is made to order.

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