While most offices are becoming increasingly more digital, there is still a need for on-premise devices in the office, with printers being one of them. That said devices like printers also need to be secure, with them often serving as an easy entry for hackers into an organisation’s ecosystem, compromising all of its data.

If you’re a company with such concerns, Develop SA recently launched its new range of ineo i-Series printers aimed squarely at the channel.

The new range, available in A3 and A4 standard and multi-format models, is designed with security in mind. To that end Develop SA notes that they tout a number of important features.

“As office documents become more digitised and the volume of data increases, centralised management and better access to them is vital,” says Develop SA GM, Sudhir Daya.

“In addition, an increase in business data leaks and hacking has necessitated a shift to devices with built-in security technology. In this respect, the ineo i-Series is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, offering remote backup and end-point security,” adds Daya.

Some other notable features include a floating operation panel with a smartphone-style interface designed to be easier to use than conventional printer user interfaces. Added to this is a large 10.1″ display and a new quad-core CPU which deliver four times the processing speed of the previous geberation of ineo i-Series printers, the company confirms.

Our offerings include ineo SECURE, which protects the data inside the memory of the i-Series; ineo SECURE Platinum which, secures devices’ network settings; Bitdefender anti-virus, which protects devices from the threat of viruses and an ineo SECURE Notifier App, which can be used to ensure the right settings are implemented and remain unchanged,” the GM points out.

“We are really excited about offering these new devices to our partners and clients. They can expect this next generation technology to sit at the heart of their connected environments and change the way they work for the better,” concludes Daya.

To find out more about the ineo i-Series range, head here.