Much like owning a vintage car, your home PC gaming setup is the kind of thing that is never truly finished, especially as the construction and maintenance of a rig can be both time-consuming and expensive.

As such cost savvy players need to ensure they can stretch their rands as far as possible when it comes to the peripherals and other accessories that go into a setup. One of those areas that is often seen as a money drain is monitors, but if you do some sleuthing, there are a number of brands out there that offer great value for money.

One such brand in AOC, which has a smorgasbord of monitors to meet your every need or want. The firm’s G1 Series is aimed specifically at players who need a solid and uncompromising gaming experience, but want to ensure their budget is not completely blown out of the water.

With AOC distributed locally by Rectron, as well as a variety of retailers, access to a G1 Series monitor is close at hand.

But why opt for this series from AOC?

Rich in features, not in price

For one, and perhaps most importantly when we’re talking about budgets and bang for buck, the G1 Series is extremely affordable, starting at R3 999 (RRP) locally. As aforementioned when creating an at-home setup, any savings you can make in one area affords you the ability to spend it in others, like that brand new processor/graphics card that you just have to buy or some much-needed cooling solutions.

It’s not all cheap and cheerful with the AOC G1 Series either, with the firm offering up a range of different sized options, all of which feature a subtle curved design. Available from 15.6″ to 49″ models, the curved design becomes crucial when sat front and centre by your monitor, wrapping the action around you and providing an immersive viewing and gaming experience.

A number of AOC’s new G1 Series feature a 1500R curvature, with other key features including a Flicker Free backlit panel and AMD Free-Sync.

The former is important as it reduces flickering light levels, which results in a far less strained viewing experience while gaming for hours on end. As for the latter, anyone knows that lag and screen tearing greatly inhibit a gaming experience, and AOC’s G1 Series ensures that it does not happen.

The visual benefits don’t end there, especially if you opt for some of AOC’s higher tier monitors such as the C24G1, C27G1, CQ27G1 or CQ32G1. This as these monitors can serve up a refresh rate of 144Hz to ensure image stuttering or blurry motions are no longer concerns.

Added to this is both Full HD and QHD variants on some of the above listed models, which means users can up the quality and purchase a higher specced offering if needed.

These aforementioned models also feature a svelte design in stealthy black and a hint of red trim to provide a sleek setup, as well as the most minimal of bezels.

This is handy when chaining together two or more screens for an even larger, deeply immersive gaming experience. It’s also helpful should you wish to do some multitasking for work, content creation or streaming.

As you can see the reasons to opt for an AOC G1 Series monitor are numerous, and should you be interested in finding out about the range, contact Rectron here.

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