LEGO Ideas – the programme which allows fan created LEGO sets to be turned into retail products – may be expanding into the world of Futurama.

This is because of the Planet Express Delivery Ship and several other Ideas projects based on Futurama popping up on the website recently.

This isn’t a case of the LEGO community only now thinking to replicate the show with bricks, but rather because of an apparent change in the Ideas platform.

The rules and submission guidelines for Ideas are rather lengthy with an important one to note being how existing IPs are handled. While certain franchises like Voltron and Friends have been allowed for submission (and have been turned into sets), it’s been an unspoken understanding that certain other IPs were off of the table, including Futurama.

This was seemingly because of “active licences“, that being IPs that LEGO was actively developing sets for and didn’t want the community to contribute to.

Now, however, this appears to have changed. LEGO Enthusiast Nicola Stocchi (together with Gabriele Zannotti) has, in the past, submitted an amazing rendition of the Planet Express Delivery Ship, but had it rejected due to its licence.

After submitting it again recently, the ship is up on LEGO Ideas where you can vote for it, and it’s a real beauty. Aside from looking much like it does in the show (not an easy feat given the curvy nature of the design) the build also features a removable roof to access a full interior, detachable landing gear, a rotating turret and seating for three minifigures.

The proposed set is 1 656 pieces for the ship itself, but several additions are recommend such as a platform (497 pieces) or a platform incorporating a launch pad (785 pieces).

While we’ve seen various iterations of the ship by following Stocchi over the years, more people have flooded to it since reaching the front page of LEGO Ideas. At the time of writing around 1 500 supporters. For LEGO themselves to look over the project and determine if it should become a retail set, it would need to reach ten thousand supporters.

If you like what you see on this page, head to the Ideas site and become a supporter to get it made.

Those new to this programme should temper their expectations. Even if the set got the required ten thousand supporters tomorrow, it still needs to go through a rigorous internal process over at LEGO to decide if it would make a worthwhile set, and that doesn’t even include any licencing issues that could pop up.

If everything goes well, and that’s a big if, it will be a few years before we see anything Futurama in the LEGO isle.

Aside from the images below, you can also see how the ship would look in three dimensions thanks to an interactive render.

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