If you haven’t had your fill of consumer tech events, Microsoft has just announced one for 2nd October. The Microsoft Event was confirmed in a tweet by the firm’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, with the exec noting that much of the event would be focused on Surface hardware and Microsoft software.

That’s no real surprise though, with past events also focusing on a similar mix. What is of note though, is that CEO Satya Nadella will be in attendance and briefing those at the event, which hints at some possibly significant news being announced alongside the new hardware.

What that announcement is remains unconfirmed, but reports suggest that the firm is finally ready to reveal its first proper look at Windows Lite, which is said to be a stripped down version of the operating system designed to work on convertible devices.

This brings us to the Surface hardware that Microsoft is reportedly planning to unveil, with a dual-screen Surface notebook being readied. This device is said to have been in the works for the past two years, but it’s unclear what the form factor will look like precisely.

As such we do not know if it will be truly foldable, or simply feature two touch-enabled displays sandwiched together. Alongside the new form factor for Microsoft, the firm is also said to have two other notebooks on the cards, sporting AMD and Qualcomm silicon respectively and USB Type-C ports akin to more recent MacBooks.

With the event only a few weeks away, we’re sure this isn’t the last rumours we will have heard before 2nd October. When the date does circle around, the Microsoft Event is scheduled to take place in New York City, with local viewers able to tune into a live stream at 16:00 (SA time).