Huawei is scheduled to reveal its new Mate 30 series later this week, 19th September to be more precise, but the firm has been beaten by the punch by a series of leaked images surfacing.

The culprit this time, as is the case for most high-profile smartphone leaks, is Evan Blass, who revealed a number of images on his infamous Twitter account earlier today. The images, which require you to follow Blass on the platform in order to see, showcase pretty much all the design elements of the devices.

We say devices, as Huawei will seemingly have four new offerings for its Mate 30 event.

To that end there will be a regular Mate 30, a Mate 30 Pro and Mate 30 Lite, along with a Porsche Design version of the smartphone.

Looking at the images, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro will feature four lenses on the rear (unconfirmed), all in a circular camera array on the rear. The Lite version will stick with the square array that last year’s Mate 20 series sported.

Other design elements include a screen that curves on the sides of the phone, and a slightly reworked selfie notch for the Mate 30 Pro. The regular Mate 30 has a smaller screen notch and standard display bezels, and the Lite is going the punch hole route for the selfie camera.

As for the Porsche Design, that looks to be a Pro with a slightly different back cover, and some racing stripes for good measure.

At the time of writing no internal specifications have been revealed by Blass, but it would not surprise us if he teases something between now and the 19th official launch event.

Perhaps the most important element of the device remains unknown – whether the Huawei Mate 30 series will indeed feature any official Google apps on the devices.

At its IFA event earlier this month Huawei noted that the devices would feature Android 10, but the official status of apps remains a mystery.

Should the Mate 30 series not feature any official Google apps, it would be a major blow for the Chinese firm and certainly affect how many people would want to but the device outside of its native country.

Hopefully though, all that information will arrive later this week, or potentially leaked ahead of time.

[Image – @evleaks]