Monetising an app isn’t all that difficult but folks often look for more than one way to pay for applications or services.

One method of payment is direct carrier billing in which a user pays their bill using the airtime on their phone to pay their bill.

According to chief executive officer at WorldPlay Mobile solutions, Jacqui Jones, says that direct carrier billing could help turn South Africa’s under performing economy around by giving firms an easier way to get their hands on their funds.

“SA’s underperforming economy needs our robust mobile sector to provide it with a much-needed shot in the arm. Mobile content and applications firms in partnership with mobile aggregators like WorldPlay can play a role in boosting GDP by getting their Rands and cents-generating services off the ground in record time,” says Jones.

WorldPlay’s unique offering is that it arranges direct carrier billing within 72 hours. This is accomplished through WorldPlay’s links to South Africa’s biggest mobile network operators as well a strong technical team.

“DCB is ideally-suited to micro-billing SA’s mobile users really small amounts for certain mobile or real-world products and services. A huge advantage of billing consumers via their prepaid or postpaid mobile accounts is that there are many times more mobile users in the country compared to credit or debit card users. DCB means the unbanked can participate in the country’s formal economy and that’s potentially a huge boost for GDP,” adds Jones.

WorldPlay will work with clients to advise them on the best course of action should they wish to add direct carrier billing to their game, video content or magazine app. Be sure to visit its website for more information.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]