This story is safe for work and doesn’t contain any images or direct links to any actual pornography.¬†

If you’re just not sure what porn to watch and rely on the trending searches of Pornhub to guide you, its top suggestion will be Borderlands 3.

As reported by several visitors if you go to the site right now and begin typing in the search bar (on mobile at least) the top of the “Trending Searches” that appears will be Borderlands 3 by default.

That is only true, however, if you’re in the US. We used a VPN to find that out after not seeing the new game coming up for us. Out of curiosity we checked other countries to see where the latest title in the Borderlands franchise is placing.

In Canada and Australia the game finishes in second place behind with “once upon a girl” and “fake hairdresser” claiming the top spots respectively. In the UK it doesn’t even show up in any of the top trending search suggestions.

If you’re wondering what type of videos appear when you look up Borderlands 3, but you don’t want to check yourself for whatever reason, most of it is fan-animated porn created by using models of the characters.

This is how most of the videos of this kind are created with World of Warcraft, Overwatch and more receiving the same treatment on their releases. Software like Source Filmmaker and Blender is usually used in this regard, if you have an interest in the technical side of it.

On a final note, remember when Gearbox head Randy Pitchford tweeted out a link to porn based on Battleborn in a bizarre effort to promote the failing game? If you take interest in porn as the sole measure of success for your videogame, we suppose Borderlands 3 is a runaway success compared to Battleborn.