Embarking on the development and implementation of an internet of things (IoT) project is a significant feat. There are a range of variables and considerations to juggle and the planning stages can get very complex very quickly.

A study by Cisco in 2017 found that 74 percent of IoT projects fell short of success with 54 percent citing a lack of collaboration between business units and 48 percent citing lack of IoT expertise as the reasons for failure.

In a bid to address this Cradlepoint has partnered with Microsoft Azure to make it faster and easier for businesses to “Build Your Own IoT” solution (BYOIoT). Whether you’re servicing kiosks at an airport or monitoring temperatures in mine shafts, IoT is not out of reach and Cradlepoint wants to make it easier for you to develop, deploy and maintain your project.

The solution leverages Cradlepoint’s own NetCloud Edge Connector for Azure IoT Central and it’s best suited for enterprise and public sector customers.

Secure, reliable and managed wireless connectivity is the foundation for any successful IoT strategy. Using the new BYOIoT solution, organisations can securely connect IoT devices, collect performance data and transmit it via Cradlepoint NetCloud and LTE routers to a monitoring application hosted on Azure IoT Central.

The integration of the Cradlepoint and Microsoft platforms gives Operational Technology teams greater freedom to build and deploy IoT solutions that improve competitiveness.

The NetCloud Edge Connector, which is part of the Cradlepoint NetCloud Service, makes it possible to rapidly deploy a new IoT solution that would previously present significant network connectivity and management challenges. Thanks to this partnership, connectivity and infrastructure are less of a concern. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud service and IoT routers securely encrypt data for transmission, maintain a robust firewall and leverage LTE cellular networking.

The other side of this is that administrators can rest easy knowing they have full visibility, security and control of the system. NetCloud Manager means IT teams can configure, deploy and manage a network of connected IoT devices without adding IT staff. This approach enables organisations to build and implement an IoT solution that is easy to update, expand and customize while ensuring secure and reliable connectivity.

This means projects can be deployed in hours without requiring specialised skills to do so.

The Cradlepoint NetCloud Edge Connector for Azure IoT Central provides a simple-to-setup, reliable, and secure edge-to-cloud connection for sending IoT data directly into Azure IoT Central and runs on Cradlepoint’s LTE edge router solutions for branch, mobile, and IoT networking.

For those already making use of Cradlepoint or indeed Microsoft’s platform, this solution presents a blank canvas upon which your project can flourish. Whether it be development or deployment, Cradlepoint NetCloud Edge Connector for Azure IoT Central makes it easier to bring a project to life without needing to invest in cloud and specialised infrastructure.

If your business is looking for the competitive edge when it comes to building out your IoT solution contact Cradlepoint.

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