Downwell is soon getting a special physical edition for the Nintendo Switch, and it comes with a clever piece of plastic called a Flip Grip that allows you to better play the game in vertical mode.

You may remember the Flip Grip when it was crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in June 2018. The campaign was wildly successful and you can now buy them commercially for $12.

Alternatively, you can pay $29.99 for this special bundle from Special Reserve Games. If you’ve not heard of this company before, they take digital only indie games and give them limited run physical prints.

Instead of simply putting the game on a Switch cart and putting it in a box (which it did do for this bundle), they’ve thrown in the Flip Grip too. On the US eShop Downwell sells for $2.99. While that may be low, we still think the price of this bundle is great, especially if you’re a collector and love having boxed copies of games on the shelf.

The price of the Flip Grip and a digital purchase of the game is $14.99, so you’re paying $15.01 for a cartridge and a box with unique artwork. Given the high price of Switch games, we think that’s justifiable.

While this bundle will be available on the Special Reserve Games website, it’s not available just yet. While we have a launch trailer for the product (embedded below) the bundle won’t go on sale until 12PM CST tomorrow, 18th September.

Until then we recommend that you check out some DIY options to use the Switch in a vertical mode. Playing the console like this is great for many other titles, like pinball and arcade games.