With the launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep just two weeks away Bungie has released a ViDoc detailing what players can expect from the new expansion and beyond.

The developer outlined some of the activities players would be doing, the weapons they would find and how certain elements such as the grind of the game have been addressed.

Throughout the ViDoc the way Bungie’s team talks gives folks the distinct impression that there won’t be a Destiny 3 for a long while.

One of the reasons we say this is because of something game director Luke Smith says right at the top of the video.

“The real thing I think we’re doing this year is telling our players where we’re going. We’re saying ‘Hey, we’re back this is the five year vision for the game’,” Smith said.

The director goes on to say that a lot of what the developer will be doing in the next year is about bringing the game to a better place than it has been in the past. Essentially, the game will become more homogeneous with seasons building off of each other rather than being isolated events.

“So the vision for the game is awesome action MMO, in a single evolving world that you and your friends can play anywhere,” Smith reiterated.

Bungie will be giving players a taste of that evolving world throughout the next year. While this primarily speaks to what players will be doing, it also gives us the impression that Bungie will be constantly striving to improve the game overall.

Now, for many the idea that Destiny 2 is here to stick around may sound like a bad thing but we disagree. Technically speaking Destiny 2 could do with a bit more optimization for consoles (especially as regards accessing menus) and bugs do appear from time to time.

Is the game broken enough to require breaking it down and starting again though? Not even mildly. The core build of Destiny 2 is stable and works and the game is beautiful even two years after its release.

As for players, Bungie is addressing the ho-hum nature of Nightfalls by making them more challenging but also more rewarding. The Crucible, Destiny’s PvP arena, is being overhauled and will enjoy constant balance updates and Raid Challenges should keep the PvE players busy. At least for a little while.

We may not be getting a Destiny 3 anytime soon but truth be told, we don’t need a new game if Bungie is going to be constantly working on Destiny 2 to make it the best game it can.

“Forsaken broke a bunch of bones that we’d set in Destiny 2, what we’ve been able to do this year is reset them. Are we done? No, not even close,” concluded Smith.