If you’re a fan of Crazy Taxi but that game just wasn’t seedy enough, we now have Taxi Simulator to kind of fill that void.

The new trailer (embedded below) shows off what you’ll be doing in the game, outside of simply driving people around for fares.

Cheat people out of money by driving them in circuitous routes, steal money left on the back seat, kidnap people, modify your taxi and deliver the baby of a pregnant women you don’t get to the hospital in time.

While the trailer does make the game look decent on a purely aesthetic level, the gameplay appears to be a bit stilted and we’re not sure where the driving will fall between simulator and arcade racer.

If you like the song being played here, it’s the appropriately named¬†One Two Three Four electro swing track.

We learn a bit more about the game on its Steam page but most of it is a retread of what we see in the trailer. it does mention something about a reputation system and some kind of hierarchy which new players start at the bottom of.

Taxi Simulator has a 2021 release date.

Oh, and before you hit play note that this video is not safe for work. It’s not overly graphic or anything like that (it is hosted on YouTube) but you will probably get some odd looks if you’re watching it in an open plan.