There are a wide variety of weapons in Destiny 2 but none is as cute as Jotunn.

This little Fusion Rifle was introduced in Season of the Forge and while it hasn’t exactly been a “meta” weapon, it’s quite fun running around with what looks like a toaster that fires flaming balls of death.

Recently however, a problem has been discovered with Jotunn and it’s a pretty big one.

Players have discovered that when they take damage while firing Jotunn, the damage ramps up considerably. However, the issue appears to be tied to frame rate which means the broken nature of Jotunn is especially noticeable on PC.

The issue still appears to be present on consoles but due to the limited frame rates on that platform it doesn’t appear to be as egregious.

The result of this bug means that players are able to melt raid bosses in seconds as you can see in the video below. The true strength is displayed right at the beginning of the video when Redeem destroys the War Beasts in the Pleasure Gardens without the buff you’d normally need to pull this off.

There is some not-safe-for-work language in the video below.

So how big of a problem is this really?

To our mind this is a bigger issue in PVE content than it is in PVP due to the fact that you need to take damage in order for this bug to work. Jotunn already kills a player in one shot in PVP so the increased damage may not be as big of a deal in that mode.

There’s also the matter of getting Jotunn. To earn this weapon you have to forge a powerful weapon frame from Ada-1, of which only two are available per week. Players need to forge those frames at Bergusia Forge in order to for Jotunn to drop. The drop rate is completely random and it took us 38 runs of Bergusia to get my first Jotunn drop.

All of that having been said, being able to annihilate any boss in the game without breaking a sweat is exactly the sort of thing Bungie is trying to curb in Shadowkeep. We expect this bug won’t be around for very long.

With that in mind we suggest breaking out your brave little toaster and diving into some raids this weekend to see if you can melt a boss faster than Redeem can.

That’s what we’ll be doing at least, seeing as Falcon won’t be at Comic Con Africa anymore.

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