Teachers have always had some problems with writing on the blackboards. Besides needing to erase the boards with dusters which proved time-consuming, it made teaching far harder and stressful in the past.

In the past, the blackboards were used for teaching and were considered a blessing. With the passage of time, improvements were found, but blackboards and chalk still had a long way to go, as whiteboards were installed and used in classrooms.

Soon afterward, they were in high demand, as writing and erasing was far easier comparatively. They were not a perfect solution though, due to the lack of good material, as they were not found to be long-lasting. There was a need for a good and durable solution.

Glass boards are an answer to all the questions that were in mind when working with the blackboards and whiteboards.

The trend of using glass boards

These boards are an essential evolution in teaching and are considered as the most durable and useful product. They never stain and help the teachers to provide effortless information sharing without traditional concerns. The school glass boards are considered to be the best alternative to traditional whiteboards or blackboards.

There are many different types of glass boards, and several users select with respect to their needs. If a glass board is needed for the classroom or office then the mounted glass board is preferred. On the other side, the mobile glass board could also be preferred, with portable glass boards are used in a kid’s room or outdoor spaces.

Significantly, glass boards are a popular choice within schools. Additionally, they are also used in offices, homes, and many other environments. They are available in all sizes in the market and provide a wide range of designs.

Lastly, they are easy to clean. There are some new additions recently in the form of magnetic glass boards. They provide a wide range of other benefits as well. Some of the widely preferred ones are used to hold markers, marker cases, clipping documents, as well as notes. They also help in reducing the need for pins, which can prove dangerous for younger students.

Different colour options can also help with a different tasks or environments. A blue board could be used for architectural drawings for example, with more vibrant colours helping to brighten a classroom too. The LED lighting can also be used for pointing purposes. It would help in providing a feeling of sitting in a quality education environment.

There is a different range of whiteboards with respect to appearance as well. There are music glass boards for example to help in music classes, which have permanent lines on them to assist in writing music notes. Calendar glass boards are also preferred by schools for using them for schedules, reminders, and other necessary information.

Glass boards, however, have made it quite easy. The glass boards could be customised for different purposes during the lecture. They also have greater longevity than any other equipment in the classroom.

Benefits of glass boards

Glass boards are stainless

The most significant one is that they don’t stain at all. The main reason behind this advantage over the traditional boards is their manufacturing and material. The glass boards are made of non-porous construction due to which the marker residue is unable to get trapped in it.

On the other side, the white, porcelain, and melamine boards don’t have such properties. Due to this benefit, the glass boards are able to survive for years without having a single stain.

Glass boards are durable

In addition to the stains, the glass boards are durable enough and would be able to last longer. It can be said that they could be used longer than any other furniture or equipment in the classroom. The porcelain and melamine boards are less durable and are cost as similar to that of the glass boards.

Glass boards are more durable, and it is expected that they can provide lifetime service. This is an amazing opportunity for schools to replace their traditional stuff with new technologically advanced things.

Glass boards are better in appearance

Glass boards are considered to be very good with respect to appearance. One of the main reasons is that the glass boards are observed to have a frameless design. Additionally, it appears like they are floating on the walls.

Other reasons include their lack of ghosting and scratch-free surface. Many glass board manufacturers provide a wide range of colours and board designs. It helps in furnishing the classrooms in a more creative way.


In a nutshell, due to the lack of quality material, whiteboards and other traditional boards are not long-lasting.

The majorly of glass boards are used for architectural designs, drawings, writing lectures, maintaining the notes, explaining important mathematics, and much more. These boards could be used to decorate and be creative in the office and at workstations. The colourful range of pens is also preferred for creatively take notes.

[Image – Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash]
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