It was a long weekend, but we’re back near the start of another weekend for a new africast.

We’re sandwiched by talks of new devices, starting with the Huawei Mate 30. While it looks great on paper and in terms of hardware, the constant friction with Google and its Android OS make this a questionable choice. Exact details about how it will work in terms of Google services and availability in South Africa aren’t available yet, so more details about that in the future. Hopefully.

That long weekend was filled, for many people on Joburg, by the second Comic Con to happen on the continent. Comic Con Africa 2019 is in the bag, and were were there for most of it. Find out how it was as a standalone, as well as compared to the initial outing from last year.

Finally it’s back to the world of phones for Samsung’s latest flagship. Despite only having our review unit of the Note 10+ for two weeks now, we’ve been thoroughly impressed by just about every aspect of it. To make sure this isn’t just the honeymoon phase, we’re going to spend more time with the Note 10+ and write up a review soon.

One final note. We’ve recorded this podcast remotely for the first time in a while and during editing we noted a very slight, but noticeable echo. Normal service will resume next week.

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