Earlier this month it was revealed that once again LEGO would be making a giant set based on yet another Star Wars craft. 75252: Imperial Star Destroyer costs a whopping $699.99 / £649.99 / €699.99 overseas, but we were yet to learn of local pricing.

Now, thanks to the official LEGO store, we know that the set will sell for R12 999.99. Like many of these large collector’s pieces, it will be exclusive to the store and it is up for pre-order ahead of its 1st October launch.

In South Africa our prices on LEGO are usually based on the UK ones. At the time of writing £649.99 converts to around R12 053. A R946 difference between the two is expected with a product this large, when you consider the amount of money it would take to personally import it.

So what are you getting for all that money? The 4 784 pieces in the box assemble into a Star Destroyer that measures in at 110 X 66 X 37 centimetres. If you’ve ever wanted to own over a metre of LEGO, this set is for you.

That being said, when we first covered this set we called it overpriced, and we stand by that statement. This because of the relatively low value on offer here, looking purely at the amount of pieces in the box. For comparison: LEGO’s largest ever set is the 75192: Millennium Falcon with 7 541 pieces. That set is still on sale today in South Africa, where it costs R13 999.99. For R1 000 more, you’re getting thousands more pieces.

While the two sets are compatible in size once assembled, and price per part isn’t everything when it comes to LEGO sets, it just seems like the Falcon is the better buy.

This is compounded by the fact that the Falcon has a generous interior space for play and display, and it comes with a whole crew of minifigures to inhabit that space. The Star Destroyer, on the other hand, does not have an accessible interior, and it comes with a pultry two minifigures.

All that being said, the 75252: Imperial Star Destroyer is a beautiful piece of toy engineering that anyone would be glad to own. We’re also sure that the people with enough money to even consider buying this probably have enough to get it and the Falcon, so maybe comparing the two isn’t that helpful.