On of Steam’s lesser talked about features is Remote Play, which includes the ability to play games streamed from your PC on a mobile device. Now Steamed has improved this functionality with default touch controls for a tonne of games.

Announced today the company has looked at “100 of the most common and desired Remote Play games” and implemented on-screen touch controls for them, which suits those specific games. 

This means that when you fire up the Steam Link app on your device and play any of those listed games, you should be presented with touch controls which have been made for that title.

The announcement highlights three games in this regard and, while you may expect them to be old classics, they are relatively new. Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, Stardew Valley and Session are the three examples here, with the first in this list released just a week ago.

These three all have specially-made layouts to support their specific playstyles. Session, for example (which you can see in the header image above) has a large focus on analogue sticks to perform tricks, so the touch controls focus on this.

These changes also come with a filter for your library, which will display games optimised for Remote Play.

At this point it’s worth remembering that on-screen controls aren’t the only the way to use Remote Play. Many controllers are supported in this way and on the Steam Link app page that’s the default way shown to interact with these games. On-screen touch controls just gives more people more ways to play, and they may even be better for some simple games.

More information about the Remote Play Optimisation changes can be read here.