3D Print turns your tiny computer into a Mac Pro 2019

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While the new joke on Apple’s part may be the triple lens setup on the iPhone 11 Pro, the Mac Pro 2019 and its cheese grater design has been given some love in the maker community in the form of a 3D printed case for your maker board or mini PC.

Created by user Renri, this 3D print is intended to be an enclosure for the Atomic Pi board. While that’s what it was made for, we can see it being modified to house your Raspberry Pi, Arduino or other choice of small computer.

This print started life being modelled in 123D Design. While this software is no longer supported by Autodesk, Renri tells us that they stick with it thanks to its simplicity and features.

This process took around 10 hours to complete with most of that time going into the mesh structure on the front and back which makes this case so unique. Its design here was helped along by a video where it was recreated on a CNC.

Printing itself took much longer at 33 hours to make all of the individual parts. You can see how this seemingly simple enclosure is made up of many intricate parts thanks to this exploded view.

Once those parts had been assembled the print measures in at 20 X 16 X 8 centimetres, and features the feet and carry handles as seen on the real Mac Pro 2019.

The version you see on this page has not been painted in the familiar silver colour and has been kept in the white of the filament it was printed with.

If you want to make your own accurate one that is silver, or you want to mess around with the model to fit your maker board of choice, you can do so for free with the files hosted on Thingiverse.

While you wait for that to print consider converting your Apple Watch into a classic Macintosh by using a 3D printed dock.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.


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