Cobra Kai season two is now streaming for free

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Season two of Cobra Kai, the surprisingly brilliant Karate Kid followup series, can now be watched without the need to shell out for a YouTube Premium account.

Back in August season one of the show was made free to watch (with ads), but not forever. After two weeks of free streaming that season is once again locked away behind YouTube Premium, but now season two has taken its place.

Right now episodes one and two are available to watch, with the rest of the episodes to be added on a weekly basis. The season ends on episode ten, so you’ll be watching for quite a while if you want to go the free route.

Paying for YouTube Premium automatically unlocks the rest of the episodes (as well as season one) to watch without ads.

As stated at the top we really enjoyed this show and highly recommend it. If you’re coming off of watching season one for free this should be a no brainer, but we understand if the premise shouts “gimmick” and doesn’t sound too enticing.

Thankfully episodes one and two of season one remain free to watch as a kind of taster for the show. We feel that those two set a good tempo for what you can expect from the rest of the series. so give them a shot if you’re so inclined.

Cobra Kai has a third season lined up for 2020, and we suspect that making more episodes free to watch is leading up to some announcement about when that will air. And / or this is just an attempt to get more buzz around the show and drive people to YouTube Premium. This is widely considered the best original show on the service, so it makes sense.

One final thing to mention is that, even if the show is now free, you may still not be able to watch them depending on where you live. If an episodes should be live but you can’t find it, you may need to fire up a VPN set to the US to get it.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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