Kickstarter game Savior brings back 2D parkour

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While parkour has become a fairly standard game mechanic, it doesn’t appear too often in 2D games where it arguably became popular thanks to the original Prince of Persia. Now there’s Savior – a new game being crowdfunded that looks to be reinvigorating the idea.

As you can see from the trailer embedded below, there’s a lot more going on here than simply running and jumping. The game is also an open world title with melee combat, a story focused on the world of Arcadia which is divided by technological means, there’s dragons and a lot of pretty animation to tie it all together.

Players will take control of Sam, “a mysterious outsider with hidden power”, but descriptions from the game claim that she’s not the only one that’s important to the story.

Aside from the parkour and melee, talking your way around is advertised as the third pillar of the mechanics here. Diplomacy can apparently be used to build relationships, debate and gain reputation.

If you like what you’ve read and seen so far the cheapest tier to get into the game is $15, which can take the form of a DRM free version or the Steam version. A “console copy” is mentioned here and in the other tiers, but the campaign page doesn’t mention which consoles will be supported.

Adding in more money gets you digital goods like an art book, soundtrack and wallpapers. The next big incentive is at the $50 tier which unlocks a demo which will apparently include one-third of the game. Should everything be successful, the full game will go out in October of 2022, and the demo in October 2021.

For those looking to spend a lot of their money $1 000 will buy the opportunity to make a villager in the game, and $2 500 will be instead used to create an important character called a Forebearer based on the backer’s design.

At the time of writing Savior has around $15 000 in funding, with a goal of $48 000. The campaign has just under a month to go, so if it continues this initial spike in bakcers it should get funded.

If you’re interested make sure you give the campaign page a proper read, but remember not to spend anything you’re not comfortable with losing entirely should the project not be released as you may expect.

Finally, Savior also has a Steam page if you’d like to simply wishlist it there to buy when / if it comes out.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of