LEGO’s newest set is an olive green Land Rover Defender

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After many weeks of leaks LEGO has finally unveiled their latest Technic set based on the Land Rover Defender.

The appropriately named 42110: Land Rover Defender is unique for two reasons: it’s a Technic set and it makes copious use of the olive green colour that isn’t too common across LEGO’s catalogue.

Despite being a Technic set there’s a lot of regular System pieces here to cover up the Technic holes and framework that are a staple of the theme. That being said there’s still a lot of it, especially around the hood and roof.

The set is packing 2 573 pieces which builds into a model that measures in at 42 X 22 X 20 centimetres.

The finished piece isn’t just a model that looks like the real care, however, as there’s a lot of hidden mechanics inside. There’s an independent suspension so all four wheels can be displayed at different heights, a recreated engine and gearbox system, a working winch, steering and more.

The steering can even be controlled by a a gear mounted on the roof, so it can be pushed and moved along with more ease for those intending to buy this to play with and not just display on a shelf.

That being said, the price of this set does put it into the real of collectors and not kids looking for a new toy. The international prices are $199.99 / £159.99 / €179.99.

Strangely enough LEGO database site Brickset, which is usually very accurate about LEGO news, has revealed that they have a list of international prices outside of the big first world markets. This usually doesn’t happen, and South Africa is listed there with the set priced at R2999.99.

While that sounds like a great price considering what we usually pay for similar sets in the country, an email we received from Land Rover South Africa has the set priced at R3 500. We’ll need to see which of these two prices is closer to the truth when the set launches on 1st October.

Until then check out the glamour shots below, as well as this trailer which shows off some of the aforementioned functions built into the set.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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