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The Seagate FireCuda 510 SSD – For when fast just isn’t fast enough

While a regular hard disk drive (HDD) is still respectable when it comes to games, many people have abandoned it in recent years for the faster read and write speeds of the solid state drive (SSD).

The problem we’re facing in 2019 is that regular SSDs – which still use the same SATA connectors as the older HDDs – are also starting to fall behind and feel less up to the task compared to a few years ago.

New games, especially in the AAA space have absolutely ballooned in size with 50GB per game being the new normal. On top of this every game also requires its own launcher, runs its own form of obtrusive DRM, and most people have their PC doing something else in the background, even if it’s just chatting over some piece of software.

Thankfully, when the regular SSDs just aren’t fast enough, there is another step up to increase speed, and that’s in the form of M.2 NVMe SSDs. This new kind of drive is faster, as well as much smaller, meaning that you can slip this dramatic upgrade into most PCs or notebooks which support it, without much fuss.

Those who prefer stealth builds or anything smaller than the regular ATX will be happy with their small, speedy drives.

There’s a lot of this newer breed of storage out there, but one you may want to consider for your next build or upgrade is the FireCuda 510 SSD range from the familiar Seagate.

Aside from that awesome name and a striking orange and black look, it is what’s inside that is important, and the FireCuda 510 SSD does not disappoint. If speed is all you care about, you’re in good hands here with sequential read / write speeds of up to 3 450 / 3 200 MBps. When compared to an HDD, the competition isn’t even close with most consumer ones coming in at a fraction of that.

Take it a step up to a SATA SDD and the FireCuda 510 SSD is still several times ahead. Even other M.2 NVMe SSDs are given a run for their money or are outright beaten here. And speed doesn’t come with a loss of storage size either. Back in the day when SSDs were becoming commonplace they were very small in storage for their size, barely able to hold a game or two, or being used up entirely by the operating system. That’s not the case here as the FireCuda 510 SSD starts with a one terabyte capacity at its base, with a two terabyte option also available.

That’s more than enough room for your operating system, games and their launchers. You should be set for space even if you like to record your gameplay and edit it before uploading it somewhere. While this drive excels at gaming, it also is a great solution for the absolute fastest access to your large editing files.

Speed and capacity may the two most important factors when it comes to drives, but the hidden third consideration of drive health should also be considered. Because of this the FireCuda 510 SSD also has access to Seagate’s SeaTools software to monitor drive health, performance and updates.

All of this is, thankfully, officially available in South Africa through Rectron. Check out their site to learn more and get your own.

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