Upgrade your phone or console’s storage on the go with one SSD

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Storage capacity is a constant headache for anybody online. Despite microSD cards, cloud storage and increasingly larger base storage capacities for smartphones and other electronics, space is still at a premium.

What’s more is that until recently, portable storage has been anything but portable. Thankfully, we now live in an era where solid-state drives are ubiquitous, affordable and incredibly compact.

Case in point is the Transcend ESD230C Portable SSD.

Available in 240GB, 480GB and 960GB capacities, the ESD230C contains 3D NAND flash storage which requires less power and improves performance.

Despite it’s credit card size, the ESD230C features some incredible performance figures for a portable SSD. Read speed clocks in at a cool 520MB/s with write speeds measuring 460MB/s. Of course these speeds will vary according to your system and if you happen to have a USB Type C port the included USB Type C to USB Type C cable will come in handy. A USB Type C to USB Type A cable is also included in the box.

What makes the ESD230C special however is its support for USB On-the-Go. This technology allows you to connect a portable SSD to your smartphone and use it as if it were a part of your smartphone’s storage.

In addition to adding storage to your smartphone, you can also add high-speed storage to your console. Simply connect the ESD230C to your console and follow the console’s instructions to add it as a storage location. No need to fuss with screwdrivers and you can unplug the drive just in case you’re worried about losing all of your downloads.

Speaking of losing data, for the folks that are worried about backing up data, Transcend’s ESD230C has you covered.

Transcend Elite Software is available for Windows, macOS and Android and gives you the ability to back up your data. More than that however it features data encryption, disk locking and even the ability to synchronise your data with the cloud.

Whether you’re adding storage to your phone on the go or increasing external drive performance for your console, the Transcend ESD230C Portable SSD is up to the challenge. And it does all of it in a package that fits in your wallet.



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