Watch Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as butchered by Google Translate

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While being able to instantly read something in another language using Google Translate is amazing, it’s been used as a source of comedy for some time now by running text through it multiple times. Now instead of doing it for a Tweet or a short script, it has been applied to the entire story of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

All two and a half hours of San Andreas cutscenes have had the dialogue replaced with a text to speech programme running the dialogue from the game after it has been sufficiently garbled by a few runs through Google Translate.

The force behind this is the YouTube channel FlyingKitty, who you may remember for pulling a similar stunt on the same game back in February of this year. Back then the game was modded to remove all characters except for CJ, who then acted out the rest of the story on his own in a mix of hilarious and sometimes sad situations.

For this new video all the characters are back, but they’re only speaking a semblance of English. The full video is embedded below, but we highly suggest actually reading the comments on YouTube this time around.

Yes, we know that’s something no sane person should do, but the community there has provided timestamps to their favourite parts of the video.

From Big Smoke dying and his last words being “Smoke Big”, to NPCs having moments of existential dread and one character being renamed to “Jizz Boss”. This video really has it all.

Due to a lack of video description about how the video was made, we’re not sure exactly what was done to the San Andreas script here. Logic says that it was simply translated from English into other languages and then back into English, but we can’t be sure.

There’s always the possibility that all of it was simply changed by a human for some laughs, but that’s a lot of work for a YouTube video that likely won’t rake in that much money even if it is very successful.

Regardless, we do suggest clicking around the video to find more funny moments. If you’ve played the game over many times it’s also interesting to see how famous quotes you remember have been changed.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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