Cape Town based startup 4ORT has secured a global patent for its new approach to QR codes.

Chances are that you’ve encountered a QR code somewhere in the last few years. The technology is commonly found in advertising and some payment solutions.

Despite being an old-guard from the early days of smartphones, 4ORT saw room for improvement when it comes to QR codes.

The startup has patented what it calls dynamic QR codes which make use of 4ORT’s own algorithm. By introducing this algorithm, 4ORT foresees more use cases for the humble QR code.

“Malfunctioning cards, broken tokens and lost keys are a thing of the past as 4ORT’s dynamic QR codes mean mobile users requiring access to their offices, parking, homes and more need simply point their mobile handsets at dedicated 4ORT scanners,” says chief executive officer at 4ORT, Andrew Georgeou.

The firm’s solution doesn’t require network coverage and it can be used while your handset is in flight mode. This is because a user’s identity is stored on their handset within the 4ORT app.

The startup says that banking details can also be stored on a user’s handset via the platform.

While that does make our heart rate spike just a little bit, 4ORT says a user’s QR code cannot be copied, photographer or videoed expect by 4ORT scanners. The solution also requires a user authenticate themselves via biometrics or a PIN.

“The secure handshake between the 4ORT ID code and the decoding software cannot be replicated at any time unless from authentic channels, thus providing fortress-type security. Finally, all transactions are processed on the vendor’s side and are not dependent on the security of the mobile device enabling true user peace of mind,” says 4ORT.

The solution does require that both you and the vendor have the 4ORT platform but if this solution gains traction that may not be much of a problem.

4ORT’s app can be downloaded for Android and iOS for free.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]