There’s a new feature coming to Pixel phone users in the States, as Google has rolled out car crash detection via a new app called Personal Safety.

The app oddly has not been announced by Google, but remains available to download in the Play Store, with the only limitations being the kind of Android device you have, as well as having to be in the United States.

The reason why Google has not officially unveiled what is a very helpful app is unclear, but it may be saving the new app for a global unveiling when the firm debuts is news Pixel 4 smartphone later this month.

Regardless the feature is certainly that deserves to be rolled out in other parts of the globe, as well as other Android devices.

In terms of functionality the Personal Safety app is able to detect if a user has been in a car accident, likely using a combination of location data and the smartphone’s internal tools such as the accelerometer to determine if a critical impact has occurred.

From there the app will bring up a series of prompts, with users being able to either contact emergency services for assistance, or simply tell the app that they are okay. There is also the ability to call or message your emergency contacts.

It’s unclear at this stage though, whether the app can work independently if a user is unable to speak or tap on any of the prompts following an accident.

Still this is a helpful feature that we hope Google is planning for a wider rollout soon.