The days of dumb cameras recording in black and white are gone. Thankfully going with them are grainy images from similar technology that isn’t even a high enough resolution to identify a face or license plate should those cameras catch anything.

On top of significantly bumping up the resolution in recent years, another new factor has to be considered when it comes to surveillance for security and enforcement: artificial intelligence. This catch-all term for these increasingly smart systems, which can also include machine learning, means that the surveillance of the future is more automated, precise and reliable.

While bumps in image quality and intelligence on one side of the lens is very welcome, both have the unwelcome downside on the other end of ballooning storage needs. This complex data also needs smarter storage to be kept on, in order to ensure reliability, because there’s no real point investing in an intelligent camera network if what it’s recording gets lost or corrupted somehow.

Managing to balance all the needs of modern surveillance is the Seagate SkyHawk AI range. The company’s SkyHawk hard drives were already known for their outstanding performance in the world of storage for your security camera needs, but the SkyHawk AI range takes this further with special considerations for AI-enabled applications.

As the first range of drives being purpose-built for these applications, the SkyHawk AI drives feature several additions you’re not going to find in any random HDD, or even other surveillance drives from other brands.

The first of these features is the ImagePerfect AI firmware, which ensures image integrity for the additional workload of AI-enabled surveillance systems.

Network video recorders (NVR) and AI-enabled NVR systems is where the SkyHawk AI are made to soar, with the ability to support an additional 32 AI streams.

If that’s not a heavy enough workload, simultaneous recording of up to 64 HD cameras are supported here, meaning that an entire office park or similar can be run off of these devices.

You can also rest easy when grouping these drives together into a rack or similar enclosure, as Seagate has made them to specifically manage vibration in an enclosed space to ensure reliability.

While the drives are sitting in their bays recording all of your footage, you can even check up on them using the SkyHawk Health Management software. This programme also includes RAID RapidRebuild for faster volume rebuilds.

In the past these specialised drives and their ilk were difficult to get in South Africa, but Rectron is now officially offering the range locally. Instead of dealing with unofficial importers or rolling the dice on importing them yourself, simply check out Rectron’s website to find out more, and to order your own.

Contact them today to see what capacity options and warranties are available for you and your company in South Africa.

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