Our morning routine when it comes to reporting the news was hampered somewhat today when we decided to boot up Tweetdeck. This as Twitter is currently experiencing issues on the platform for some unknown, or rather undisclosed reason.

Fully aware of the problem, Twitter’s Support account tweeted out a message explaining that the current outage may affect people access their accounts, as well as receiving notifications and viewing their direct messages.

There are also reports that adding media, and images in particular to tweets is an issue too.

In our experience so far, accessing one’s account via Tweetdeck is bringing no joy, as we are soon kicked off and reverted to our regular Twitter layout. On the normal version of the platform things appear to be fine, but others are still struggling to use the full functionality that we’ve come to expect from Twitter.

The platform says it is working on a fix, with things said to return to “normal soon,” but no precise timeline has been outlined as of yet.

We’ll continue to monitor the problem to see whether it escalates.