While Microsoft’s Lumia smartphone range wasn’t well received we quite liked the translation of Windows (back then it was Windows 8) into a smartphone even if nobody else did.

However, as Android powered smartphones and Apple became more dominant in the sector, Microsoft decided smartphones were not its jam and handed over production of Lumia to Nokia before the range ultimately met its doom.

But now it appears as if Microsoft wants to join the smartphone race again with the unveiling of the Surface Duo, a folding smartphone.

So unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, the Surface Duo simply lays two displays beside each other and joins them with a hinge.

There are two 5.6inch displays that unfold to be 8.3inches.

To make things just a bit more tempting, Microsoft won’t be using Windows 10 on this smartphone but rather Android. As you can see from the video above, you will be able to have separate apps running on either display or you can enlarge the apps to stretch across both displays.

According to Wired the handset is running a Snapdragon 855 chipset but aside from that, we don’t know much more about the technical side of the Surface Duo.

As for the release, Microsoft will only make this handset available in 2020, during the festive season so we’re still very far away from an official launch.

As great as this product sounds we do need to temper our expectations. Surface products rarely show up in South Africa if at all so the likelihood of the Surface Duo arriving on our shores has a large question mark beside it.

Of course anything could change between now and the tail-end of 2020 so we’ll be holding thumbs that we can get a Surface Duo of our own.