The launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was marred somewhat by technical issues on launch day but having spent six hours playing the day after launch, all seems to be well.

Those who had played Destiny 2 previously may have noted a number of changes to systems and vendors and it can get a bit confusing.

As such we’re going to take a look at all the vendors at the Tower and across the system to see what you are able to purchase. This is somewhat important as Shadowkeep introduces a number of new materials that you’ll need to upgrade gear and the like.

Something to make note of is that Powerful Rewards are gone so don’t be confused when you head to Crucible and see the “Play five games” quest gone. Upon reaching Power Level 900, these weekly powerful reward activities returned. Our mistake and deepest apologies.

We have not included planet vendors in this list as their wares are often just armour and bounties that you have likely already earned, or will earn through playing the game.

The Tower – Courtyard

Starting off at the Tower and everybody’s first port of call – Tess and the Eververse store. Sadly Eververse bounties have been retired so all you’ll find at Eververse is cosmetic items you can buy for Bright Dust or real money.

On to the Titan Vanguard, Zavala. The stoic Titan is still your source of Vanguard bounties but those have been reworked. With Shadowkeep Vanguard bounties now award Season Pass XP, Bright Dust, Glimmer and Vanguard tokens. Zavala is also holding a few Vanguard quests for Season of the Undying you’ll want to pick up as well as Vanguard Boons.

Onward to Shaxx. Here you’ll find your Crucible bounties and Crucible quests for this season. You are able to purchase Emblems that you have earned as well as Crucible boons.

Master Rahool is still on hand to decrypt Engrams and recycle Shaders. You can also purchase Legendary Engrams for 25 Legendary Shards.

Finally, rounding out The Courtyard’s purveyors we have Banshee-44 and you will likely be visiting this Exo a lot.

Shadowkeep introduces several new crafting materials the most important of which are Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards.

Upgrade Modules are used to infuse gear of a higher power into gear of a lower power level. For masterworking your armour you’ll need Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards both of which can be purchased or earned through high-level activities.

The Tower – Bazaar

We have good news. No, Suraya Hawthorne is not gone nor has her dialogue changed. Instead she now sells Raid Banners, no more having to travel to The Dreaming City before a Raid. The regular Clan Bounties and Raid Challenges are also still available.

The Tower – The Annex

Ada-1 is still your source for Weapon Frames and Black Armory bounties. You can also pick up Mod Components, Black Armory Mods, Forge Polymer and Obsidian Radiance.

As an aside, if you have not had a Jotunn drop from Bergusia Forge, Ada-1 now has a bounty that will allow you to earn the brave little toaster.

The Drifter is where you’ll want to head for all Gambit related bounties. New players will also find the quests for Whisper of the Worm and other exotics here as well. In terms of stuff to buy, Drifter only sells items you will have already earned such as Bad Omens, the Furtive Ghost Shell and Trust.

Benedict 99-40 is still serving Emperor Calus and you can pick up Opulence bounties as well as Leviathan gear provided you’ve completed the raid this week.

The Tower – Hangar

Oft forgotten Amanda Holliday is where you get basic ships and sparrows which is good for newcomers. There are also quests for Legacy content if you want to defeat Ghaul, Panoptes and Xol again or for the first time.

Rest in Peace Cayde-6.

Nessus – Watcher’s Grave

Werner 99-40 is still onboard the Imperial Barge on Nessus and while he has the same bounties as Benedict, his gear offers are slightly different. As with Benedict, Leviathan Raid gear can only be purchased with Emperor Calus Tokens and Legendary Shards and you will need to have completed the Raid this week in order to make a purchase.

The chests aboard the barge are also still there if you need to get a few Runes for the Menagerie.

The Tangled Shore – Thieves Landing

The Shore’s Only Law, also known as The Spider is your one-stop shop for planetary and crafting materials.

The Spider’s wares rotate daily with the exception of Enhancement Cores, Legendary Shards and Glimmer which are always available.

You can also pick up Wanted Bounties from Spider if you’re in need of XP, Glimmer and Enhancement Cores.

The Dreaming City – Petra Venj

The Dreaming City is now open to all and that means you’ll probably want to explore the best kept secret of the Awoken people.

Petra Venj’s location differs according to which Curse week the Dreaming City is currently experiencing. The map below will outline where you can find her on each week.

The vendor sells weekly and daily bounties as well as Charges of Light for the Blind Well. Petra also sells Raid banners. For those that have not done so, completing a Blind Well Tier 3 and then overcharging the well with an unstable charge will net you an Offering to the Oracle which allows you to get some gear and lore.

As an aside, The Shattered Throne Dungeon can now be accessed from the Dreaming City map at all times.

The Moon – Sanctuary

Onward to the new location – the Moon.

We won’t be showing a screenshot here as it would spoil the main campaign but your sole vendor on the Moon is Eris Morn.

As we have not completed the main campaign all we have at the moment are bounties with “Abandoned Quests” showcasing gear we’ve already earned.

There is also the Lectern of Enchantment where essence taken from Nightmare enemies can be turned into Dreambane armour.

You can also buy Phantasmal Fragments and Phantasmal Cores which are used at the Lectern.

Phantasmal Fragments can also be used to place a Rally Flag near Eris to give your fellow Guardians full Super Energy and Power ammo.

Our final vendor is Agent of the Nine, Xur.

As it is not Friday we aren’t sure how this vendor has changed if at all. Of course we will be sure to update this as soon as we know how he has changed.

If nothing has changed Xur is the vendor you’ll want to visit for Exotic items and Engrams. His location differs every week and for that reason we recommend checking the website Where is Xur at around 19:00 CAT every Friday.