Borderlands 3 is filled to the brim with references and Easter eggs to find throughout. From anime, to other games and even so bad they’re good movies. One such reference hits particularly close to home, as it brings up South Africa’s famous instrument in the vuvuzela.

While fighting through the game the Children of the Vault will spurt various lines of dialogue at you, both while fighting and even in death. One of the male Psychos has a chance to mention a vuvuzela, though we found it to be incredibly rare and only heard it once in our first playthrough.

In one battle near the end of the game we could have sworn we heard the name of the horn mentioned over all the other clashing sound in the game, but we unfortunately missed our opportunity to record it.

To confirm what we had heard we reached out to 2K Games to ask them if vuvuzelas do in fact exist in the Borderlands universe. A representative from the company not only confirmed it, but was kind enough to provide us with the audio as well as a transcript of the line if you can’t quite make it out –

“I planted a kazoo and it came out a vuvuzela! Nuh-noyyyyy!”

While the vuvuzela is a South African staple, it caught the world’s attention during the 2010 FIFA World Cup were it could be overwhelmingly heard in each and every game.

While it’s been almost a decade since this country hosted that tournament, the legacy of the horn remains. While Borderlands 3 may be the latest example of the instrument appearing in pop culture, it’s far from the only one. Destiny 2, for example, also mentions the vuvuzela, also in a piece of dialogue.

That last part is particularly interesting, because Borderlands 3 then contains a reference to Destiny 2 where an enemy called Dinklebot can be fought. It’s references all the way down.

If you need more South Africa in your videogames, our country has pumped out a surprising amount of characters who have appeared in a variety of games. These characters are, unfortunately, mainly used as enemies and mercenaries in those games but we’ll take what we can get.

Finally, if you’ve not played Borderlands 3 see our review to find out if it’s for you. While the core game here is fantastic, various technical issues prevent it from being as good as it could be. One of those issues is with audio, which means that you may miss references and dialogue such as the vuvuzela voice line. Hopefully all of that is sorted out with patches in the future.