Is there still a place for feature phones given how inexpensive and highly-specced entry-level smartphones have become? HMD Global certainly thinks so, with the firm revealing a handful of new feature phones earlier this year. Now one of them is landing locally later this month in the form of the Nokia 105.

This new device is currently slated for arrival on 15th October, with both MTN and Vodacom set to stock the offering for an impressive R249 (RRP).

As such it should definitely appeal to the extremely cost-savvy consumer, or someone who simply needs a handy backup device should their primary option fail.

So what does R249 buy you?

Quite a decent amount as it turns out, with the Nokia 105 sporting 1.77″ QQVGA screen in the candy bar shaped that once made these Finnish phones iconic in the late 90s. While there are three colour options available, which you can see rendered int he video below, South Africa is only getting the Black colour option at the time of writing.

As for other specifications, there is a very modest 4MB of RAM to call upon, as well as an equal measure of storage, which means you’ll only be saving numbers to the Nokia 105. To that end it has space for up to 2 000 contacts and 500 messages.

It takes a mini-SIM so be aware if you plan to get one, and 800mAh removable battery and micro USM port to handle connectivity. Sticking with battery life HMD Global says the Nokia 105 can muster up to 14.4 hours of talk time and 25.8 days of standby time.

Lastly it is running the Nokia Series 30+ operating system, has a 3.5mm headphone jack (which many new flagship phones lack) and utilises the GSM 900/1800 bandwidth for connectivity.

If you are cash-strapped, this may prove a handy device indeed.