Ever since we played the great dungeon crawler / roguelike / party game Crawl back in 2017, we’ve been fans of indie developer Powerhoof. Now we have an extended look at its new title Acid Knife.

We’ve known very little about Acid Knife up until this point, with only a name drop earlier this year and some in-progress videos on the developer’s Twitter.

Those who attended PAX Aus got to play a demo of the game, and everyone else now has a near 11 minute video of what was in that demo.

From that we can see that Acid Knife is a hack-n-slash platformer with a focus on inventory juggling, a very unique art style, and a booming soundtrack.

The art reminds us a bit of the 2016 game GoNNER, but this new title takes the fluid nature of the art style up to a new notch without being too muddled.

Aside from having a limited inventory that necessitates swapping between weapons and items, the former has a durability system that will require repairs using flint, or simply dropping damaged weapons to pick up new ones. Some enemies and parts of the environment can also knock weapons out of the player’s hands.

Every enemy shown off in the demo can only be damaged by attacking a small weak point, with hits and kills granting gems that are require to exit each room.

The demo ends with a room filled with enemies and weapons which have not been fully implemented into the game. Here we can see the vast amount of content planned for the title, as well as more of the interesting design work going on here.

As for when and where you’ll be able to play Acid Knife, there’s no word yet as the demo has shown off early prototype work.

If you want to play something from Powerhoof right now, we still recommend Crawl. if that looks a bit too serious its other game Regular Human Basketball is also available.