Boet Fighter – the side-scrolling beat ’em up filled to the brim with South African references- launched yesterday on Steam to a rather warm perception.

At the time of writing the game only has around 30 reviews, but many of them are on the good side of things as its currently sitting with an overall “Positive” rating on the platform.

Reading through the reviews many praise the unique, local setting, the humour, voice acting, art style and music.

Everything’s not entirely copacetic, however, as even the positive reviews point out some problems in the gameplay as well as a few technical issues. The few negative reviews also highlight lacklustre performance and a general lack of game depth.

If you’re on the fence about this game a new trailer (embedded below) can be watched to get an idea about what’s on offer here. Boet Fighter also had a long tenure at the various conventions in South Africa prior to launch, so some people may have already played this title and jumped in as soon as it became available.

The game is selling for a flat R200 on Steam which, for now, is the only place to buy and play it. If you’re an expat looking to buy the game or simply someone from outside the country who has stumbled onto it, Boet Fighter is priced at the very standard indie charge of $14.99 (or £11.39).

Those looking to play the title in other ways will have to wait awhile, as ports for Mac, consoles and phones are on the way. The press release we received states that this should be happening in the next month or two.