Ubisoft’s Rabbids franchise had a bit of a resurgence in 2017 thanks to the rather beloved Mario crossover Kingdom Battle, and now they’re back for a new game focused on teaching coding.

The simply named Rabbids Coding is a game centred around solving problems in 32 different levels.

The gameplay here will be instantly familiar to anyone who has ever picked up a visual-based programming system which uses blocks of code instead of requiring the player to type out syntax.

The premise in Rabbids Coding is that the Rabbids have invaded your spaceship and you need to solve puzzles, via its version of programming, to instruct them in cleaning up their mess.

“It was created to introduce people of all ages to the joys of digital skills and reach as broad an audience as possible, including families and schools, and via partnerships with charities and media libraries,” the product page reads.

On top of ensuring potential players that absolutely no prior knowledge is needed here, it states that “sequential programming, loops and conditions” will be introduced.

While this game is aimed at kids (Ubisoft says seven and up) we strongly recommend anyone unfamiliar with coding to give software like this a try. It’s absolutely daunting to try to get into this world, even with the abundance of free resources online. Anything that makes the introduction less intimidating is a good thing, and this looks to exactly fit the bill.

To play Rabbids Coding simply head on over to the dedicated page and click on the “PC” option at the bottom. This will redeem the game to your Uplay account and it can then be downloaded with the Uplay launcher. If you have neither of those things you will need to register and download the programme respectively.