Earlier this year, around the time that season three of Stranger Things came out, the show partnered with Fortnite to add some of its content into the game. Now the newest game to get some Upside Down is Rocket League.

As you may have expected due to the timing of this news, the collaboration here is meant to tie into Halloween. This is part of Rocket League’s “Haunted Hallows” event which celebrates the season.

Taking place between 14th October and 11th November, the Haunted Hallows event introduces a new look for the Farmstead arena that mimics the Upside Down, complete with the Mind Flayer.

Playing matches during the event earns a currency called Candy Corn, which can then be redeemed for unique themed rewards.

By our count, going off of the official page event on the Rocket league website, there are 14 different rewards to buy with the Candy Corn.

You can view the rewards in the gallery below, but the most popular one you can buy are decals with five available. There are two each of toppers, rocket boosts and wheels. Finally player banners, player titles and avatar borders all get one new addition.

If pictures just don’t do it for you, there’s also an accompanying trailer which shows how some of these unlocks look like in motion. The trailer also gives you a good look at the new Farmstead and how the Mind Flayer is rendered in the Rocket League aesthetic.

If you’d like a “real” Mind Flayer in your house, you can 3D print a scale one to sit on your shelf menacingly.