Another week, another Apple rumour. This time around it’s to do with the firm’s rumoured iPhone SE 2. The second iteration of the retro-styled handset is expected to debut early next year, and now noted industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has weighed in on what he believes the price of the device will be.

To that end Kuo has told MacRumors that pricing for the iPhone SE 2 will start at $399, along with touching on some of the elements of the device when he first revealed its impending arrival.

In that regard it is expected to run the new A13 Bionic chipset that has been used with the iPhone 11, along with 3GB of RAM to help things tick over at a speedy rate.

Added to this will be a choice of either 64GB or 128GB storage options, as well as arriving in colour options of grey, silver and red.

The starting storage is larger than the original iPhone SE sported, but that is down to the fact that it will feature a design based off of the iPhone 8, which has bigger dimensions than the iPhone 5 does (which the SE is modelled after).

There is no mention of what the larger 128GB version will cost, but starting at $399 (~R5 907) would place it in the same price as the original SE. The device was shortly brought to an end of production the following year, but remains one of the cheaper iPhone models around.

If the iPhone SE 2 were to cost $399, it would be the cheapest choice currently available in the iPhone lineup, which may prove to be its biggest selling point.

While iPhones in general have ballooned in price in recent years, the prospect of a model with a slightly older design, but current-gen specifications and a tempting price tag may prove too good a deal to pass up.

Apple is yet to confirm anything regarding the iPhone SE 2, but given Kuo’s record in the past, this device should be on the way during the first quarter of 2020.