The Kurzgesagt YouTube channel is a special part of the platform, marrying a delightful animation style with interesting documentary subjects. If you want to learn about space debris, wormholes, or even loneliness,Ā Kurzgesagt has you covered.

The topic for the channels newest video is rather disturbing, however, and very much betrays the lighthearted nature of its animated aesthetic. On the surface this is another short form documentary about nuclear weapons, but it’s much more personal in its approach.

The video looks at the immediate, short term and long term effects of a nuke going off right in the middle of a large modern city. It goes into extraordinary, terrifying detail about what would happen to you and everyone you know if you were remotely close to such a thing.

The use of first person shots in the animation really sell how hopeless this situation would be, with that being the overall theme of the video. We obviously won’t go into too much detail (that’s what the video is for, embedded below) but it summarises that no nation on Earth is able to truly deal with the devastation of a nuke. Even for those who manage to survive their city being destroyed, rescue and treatment is just about impossible due to the destruction of social structure.

We’re not usually ones for content warnings here but we do recommend maybe adding this to your YouTube Watch Later queue and doing just that. The video is sure to disturb in one way or another, and will probably leave you in a poor mental state for the next short while.

If all of that is a bit heavy, we do have somethingĀ Kurzgesagt related that isn’t so grim. Back in 2019 the maker community 3D printed the duck that is the mascot for the channel, and you can too.