In today’s edition of “the internet does some weird stuff for a laugh”, the late singer Freddie Mercury is the basis of several video edits where he goes on various expeditions.

The format of this new joke is to take the isolated vocals from several Queen songs and use them as the dialogue of Mercury going about his life.

We first saw this format on the rather excellent /r/YouTubeHaiku subreddit. This part of Reddit focuses on short videos (less than 30 seconds long) which usually have a focus on being unexpected, or by following some kind of formula as we see with these Mercury edits.

Several such videos on have the front page of /r/YouTubeHaiku in the past few days, but many more exist on YouTube itself and on other platforms.

We’ve put a few of them into a YouTube playlist below. You may be surprised at how much effort has gone into some of them, on top of the all the work that must go into finding the song lyrics which can be worked into some kind of skit.

If you’d like to have a go at making one of these, it’s best to think up of some hook (such as “I want to ride my bicycle“, as featured above), flesh out the skit with a bit more lyrics, and the cut / paste Mercury’s head onto several stock photos or pieces of clip art. We’d unironically love to see more of these, so give it a bash.

With Mercury being the subject of a much older meme in the form of a rage face, it would be nice to see him be the subject of more creative endeavours and, really, can you have too much Queen in your life? Well, maybe yes if you listen to too much classic rock radio.