In the past taking extra storage with you on the go meant lugging around a large external HDD, messing around with separate power and transfer cables, and having to deal with the inherent liability of a spinning disk rattling around in your bag or suitcase.

Thankfully we’ve come a long way since then thanks to SSD. These solid state drives are more suited for the person looking to move around a lot, and their higher speeds mean less time wasted between jobs, flights and car trips.

With the market now saturated with these portable SSDs it can be difficult to pick the right one without spending hours carefully combing through detailed spec sheets. Finding the right device that balances speed, capacity, reliability and physical size can be a challenge.

Thankfully there is the Transcend ESD350C which more than exceeds the norms in those categories, and others besides.

If all you care about is speed, you are catered for here as the ESD350C features read / writes speeds of up to 1 050 / 950 MB/s. Because of this transferring massive files to your other devices happens in seconds, and there are multiple ways to do this. Both Type-A and Type-C cables are included in the box to transfer files regardless of what ports your devices have. If you’re shooting in 4K video or snapping those massive panoramic shots, this extra speed really makes a difference.

With many phones and newer laptops skewing towards Type-C in recent years, this is has become the de facto connector way to move data locally. As this portable SSD requires just one cable for both data and power, there’s also no need to seek out a power outlet to get a transfer going. Even the Type-C port of a phone or some cameras is enough to get this SSD going, so you can move files around no need to use a computer as an intermediary.

Available in various sizes up to 960 GB, you may be worried about hauling around that much precious data. Thankfully the ESD350C is designed to be shock-resistant The silicon rubber case meets US military drop test standards, and looks good doing it.

Despite the resistance on offer here a lot of thought has also gone into the design aspect of the drive. It’s a pleasing navy blue colour with a black accent that is sure to fit in with the rest of your devices. Not that you’ll be seeing much of the drive thanks to its tiny size at just 96.5 X 53.6 millimetres.

The ESD350C is so compact that it’s more comparable to a credit card, and not other pieces of tech you’d expect to hold so much data. Photographers and other media professionals tired of lugging around heavy gear will appreciate that the ESD350C weighs in at just 87 grams too.

With such great hardware there is, thankfully, great software to match. Transcend Elite is a programme for your PC (or as an app on your phone) which handles everything from data backup to file synchronisation and more. If you’re always a bit put off by handling important data and making sure it’s safe, then Transcend Elite has you covered.

You can buy your own ESD350C, as well as many other Transcend products, from local online retailer Takealot.

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