In the Pokémon community Pikachu losing weight over the years (due to character redesigns) is a well documented joke, but with Sword and Shield plump Pikachu will return.

This is thanks to the new Dynamax system in the upcoming games, in which a Pokémon grows several times its size. Some Pokémon take on a new form when doing this, called Gigantamax. Up until now several other Pokémon were revealed to have Gigantamax forms, but a leak of CoroCoro magazine has revealed four more.

All four are familiar faces, even if you dropped out of the series after the original games. Aside from Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth and Charizard are all included here. These are all original G1 Pokémon.

Looking past Pikachu gaining back the weight, Eevee has a larger mane, Meowth is noticeably longer, and Charizard looks more like an elemental dragon.

While we really do like the nod to Pikachu’s original design here, we’re a bit tired of developer Game Freak returning to the nostalgia mines to once again dredge up old favourites. Charizard is a particularly egregious example here, as it has been redesigned twice before, receiving two types of Mega Evolutions back when that was the hot “new” game mechanic.

Regardless we should be getting more information about these four (pictured below) soon, and the release of Sword and Shield is just under a month away right now. We hope that Dynamax and the rest of the new mechanics will be able to mix up this stagnant series of games.

[Source and image – PokéBeach]