You may know Weta Workshop as the legendary special effects studio that has worked on countless movies, but the company also dabbles in boardgames and figurines, the latest of the latter being from the Lord of the Rings.

This statue features Gandalf and Frodo on the fireworks cart we see right at the beginning of the story. It’s not the most obvious choice for this kind of project, but it makes a great display piece regardless.

As Weta Workshop worked on the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, they have access to the behind the scenes material which was used to make this as accurate to the movie as possible.

Gandalf and Frodo are, of course, impeccable and look much like their actors (though we think that Ian McKellen is closer here) but the cart itself may be the most interesting part of the piece.

The back “tailgate” of the cart opens up so the contents can be accessed, with none of it being moulded in. Each and every firework, weapon and present is its own separate piece that can be added and removed. We counted 38 pieces which can be loaded in, which you can see here.

Some of the detailing in those pieces is rather impressive, such as the faux hammer marks that can be seen in the filigree of the chest.

Aside from the base for the piece to sit on, the last part of the puzzle here is a horse to pull the cart along.

If you care about raw numbers the statue is 78 X 39 X 45 centimetres, and weighs in at 12.24 kilograms.

How much does all of this cost? Well Weta Workshop hasn’t state yet. The statue isn’t up for sale at the time of writing, with only a pre-order page open where you can leave your email to be alerted when it’s available.

We can take a bit of an educated guess, however. This new piece is part of what is called the Masters Collection, with the two previous products in the collection being Treebeard and Gollum. Treebeard’s price isn’t displayed as it’s sold out, but Gollum is going for a whopping $1 799. Gollum is about half the weight of the Gandalf and Frodo statue, so we can only imagine that it costs significantly more.