Earlier this month whisky brand The Glenlivet made the news for its “Capsule Collection” (pictured above) which puts the alcohol into an edible pod which can be consumed without the need for a glass.

Aside from stoking the meme (and the very real dangers) of people eating Tide Pods and other laundry detergent capsules, it was just seen as a very strange move for any company to make. Regardless even those usually not interested in this kind of alcohol found themselves wanting to try it out.

Thankfully YouTube channel Cocktail Chemistry has shown how you can make these at home without the need to fork over a lot of money to a fancy whisky company, if you’re willing to put in some work and track down some ingredients which aren’t sold at most supermarkets.

The key to making your own edible pods is two specific ingredients: a gelling agent (sodium alginate) and a calcium salt (calcium lactate gluconate). When used in a certain way these create a gel membrane around your whisky or cocktail of choice which can then be eaten.

The process is surprisingly simple, requiring sodium alginate to be mixed into some distilled water, and the calcium lactate gluconate into the drink of choice. The latter needs to be frozen before dropping it into the former, at which point the gel will begin to form. Washing it with regular water after the fact stops the gel from forming, and the pod is complete.

Cocktail Chemistry illustrates it in the video below, but also provides a written recipe to follow. Buying those two important recipe components will vary depending on where you live, but a speciality cooking supplier should stock them. As always, Google is your friend.

Even if you don’t usually have an interest in complicated alcohol, we do recommend subscrbing to Cocktail Chemistry. If you’re familiar with the channel Binging with Babish, which recreates famous food from movies and TV, well Cocktail Chemistry is similar, but focuses on a more liquid diet.