LEGO Ideas – the programme in which fan-made creations can become official sets – has delivered another interesting product in 21320: Dinosaur Fossils.

As you may have guessed by the name this set features a trio of fossils arranged to be a museum exhibit. The Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Pteranodon are the main builds here, with all three featuring a base with their names on a plaque.

The T-rex is the biggest of the three, measuring in at 20 centimetres tall and 40 centimetres long. The measurements of the other two are prominently displayed on the back of the box, which you can see in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Joining them is a palaeontologist minifigure as well as the bones of Indiana Jones. Kinda. The last museum piece here is a human skeleton labelled as “LEGO Sapiens”, but it’s also wearing the very distinctive Indiana Jones hat. While LEGO has made Indiana Jones sets in the past, this set is not at all affiliated to that licence, and this is more of a physical Easter egg.

21320: Dinosaur Fossils is 910 pieces and costs $59.99 / £54.99 / €59.99 depending on where you live. Those outside of the main pricing regions are usually saddled with the UK or Euro price, after conversions, with added taxes.

If you’ve already got the credit card out, put it away for now as the set will not be available until 1st November. We imagine many will be picking this up for a holiday gift, either for themselves or someone else.

Those 910 pieces apparently build something which is 1:32 scale, and the three fossils can be posed as they feature various joints throughout. This fact, however, causes a problem as the grey joint pieces (LEGO only makes them in grey, for some reason) are quite noticeable against the white faux bones.

The colour of the rest of the set is also puzzling, as a pure white was chosen instead of a more realistic tan colour, which LEGO does produce. The original fan submission this set is based on used this colour, and we have to say we prefer it. That submission also contained a very different selection of dinosaurs, but we understand that some changes needed to be made for this to be a commercial set.

Finally, and this is something we have to wonder if LEGO planned, the last Ideas set released was 21319: Friends Central Perk, based on the show. With Friends’ Ross Geller being arguably the most famous fictional palaeontologist, the very next set being dinosaur fossils is a happy coincidence to say the least.